About us

«Petro-Sorb-Equipping» was founded in 2007 as a logical continuation of the work started in 2000 by a group of specialists in the field of production and supply of security products and technologies.

As a fruit of many years of work we developed some special effective means that make possible a quick determination of the presence of traces of explosives on surfaces, as well as testers of explosives to train the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to work with explosives determinantion kits (Virage-VV, Virage-VV (PS), Virage-VV (I)). These kits are used by subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as tools to strengthen the control over the illegal explosives traffic in Russia.

The kits of the Virage-VV group are being used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and are included in the internal norms documentation approved by the Minister.

All the kits have all the necessary certificates, and are protected by patents and by a registered trademark Virage-VV.

Guided by the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia No. 1/4266 of May 28, 2007, “On Specific Measures to Ensure Antiterrorist Security”, the Federal Target Program «Antiterror 2008-2012» and other normative documents aimed at strengthening measures to improve security in Russia, «Petro-Sorb-Equipping» LLC continues to supply the product to the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Possessing a wide experience and a team of chemists, the company plans to develop new products and improve existing.

The company «Petro-Sorb-Equipping» is ready to cooperate with a perpective to improve the level of security in the Russian Federation.

CEO and owner of the company
Zorkin A.M.