Call for new partners

Dear colleagues,

My company «Petro-Sorb-Equipping» is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of kits for the rapid analysis of the presence of traces of explosives Virazh-BB for more than 17 years. Consumers of products are the Ministry of Internal Affairs, special services, security firms, public and private companies, transport security, etc.

Analyzers of explosives Virage-VV, Virage-VV (PS) and Virage-VV (I) are easy to use, effective and inexpensive means to detect explosive traces on any surfaces.

I will be glad to cooperate with professional companies that are interested in the supply of explosives analyzers in their countries, and who can organize the work on certification and promotion of the products.

We have available: patents, a registered trademark, many years of supply experience and a team of professional chemical engineers.

CEO and owner of the company
Zorkin A.M.