Virage-VV (PS)

This Set is dedicated to rapid sample analysis for the presence of explosives VIRAGE-VV (PS)®.


It is designed to detect and identify explosives using their trace amounts on the surfaces of packages, human clothes and hands, as well as on other suspicious objects using the methods of color reaction of chemical solutions interacting with trace amounts of TNT, TNT, nitroglycerin, saltpeter, peroxides or mixtures and formulas based on them.

Can be used to analyse samples in both field and laboratory conditions. Virage-VV (PS) was accepted to supply the bodies of the Russian Interior Ministry (Order of Minister of Internal Affairs No. 394 of June 24, 2004).

Kit Contents

– Five bottles with droppers of reagents A, B, C, D, E;
– Filter paper napkins;
– Dustproof case;
– Technical passport.

The minimal amount of detectable explosives

Name Explosive detection limit, g
Trotil 1 х 10-8
Tetryl 1 х 10-6
Hexogen 1 х 10-6
Oktogen 1 х 10-6
TEN 1 х 10-5
Saltpeter 1 х 10-4
Peroxide 1 х 10-4

One set is designed for more than 100 tests. Analysis time: no more than 1 min.

Use cases of the indicators with explosives

  1. Wipe an object with a napkin.
  2. Apply 1-2 drops of reagent A to the contaminated napkin
    Red-violet color: TNT, dinitrotoluene
  3. In the absence of color, apply reagent B, and immediately reagent C
    Orange color: tetryl
    Pink color: hexogen, octogen, TEN or nitroglycerin
  4. In the absence of color, apply the indicator D and immediately C
    Pink color: niter
  5. In the absence of color, apply the indicator E
    Blue color: peroxide.