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Description and purpose

The kit is designed to detect traces of explosives on various surfaces. Virage-VV can be used for the of laboratory samples analysis and in the field.

Total Set dimensions no more than 92 * 94 * 44mm.

Weight: not more than 150 gr.

Terms of Use

Ambient temperature range: 0°C to 50°C

Atmospheric pressure, range: from 84 to 106.7 kPa (from 630 to 800 mm.r.)

Relative humidity of ambient air at a temperature of +25°C: from 50% to 80%.

Kit Technical Details

The minimal amount of detectable explosives:

Name Explosive detection limit, grams.
Trotil 1*10-8
Tetryl 1*10-6
Hexogen 1*10-6
Oktogen 1*10-6
TEN 1*10-5
Nitroglycerin 1*10-5


Kit Contents

– Box – 1 pc.

– Technical passport – 1 pc.

– User manual – 1 pc.

– Test paper set – 1 pc.

– Vials of a pipette 10 ml. with test indicators “A” – 1 pc, “B” – 1 pc, “C” – 1 pc.

Kit Usage

Refer to the instruction leaflet.

Kit Marking

Kit Marking can be found on the package box (dustproof case) and contains the following information:

– Manufacturer’s trademark

– Name and version of the kit

– Manufacture year and month

– Set Serial number (on a holographic label)

– Manufacturer address

– Expiry date and storage conditions

Transportation and storage

Packaged products should be stored in a dry, clean, dark, ventilated area. Humidity of air: 50% to 80%. Temperature: 0° C to 35°C.

Transportation by any mode of transport in accordance to the rules, which are valid for specific transportation mode, under temperatures from 0°C to 35°C.

It is allowed to transport the set and store it at a temperature of at least minus 20°C, for no more than 31 days. At the temperatures below 0°C, the indicators freeze. Before use, the indicators should be kept at room temperature until completely thawed. However, they will not lose their properties.